Normalise Period Conversations

Normalise Period Conversations

Why are period conversations seen as taboo, forbidden, or off limits ?

We talk freely about other topics including how to conceive, personal life problems, financial situations, health concerns, so why should this topic that involves half of the world’s population be left out of discussions and personal chats??!

Normalise Period Conversations

Period poverty is defined as having a lack of access to clean, safe menstrual products due to financial constraints. Period poverty isn’t just about affordability, but also about the lack of knowledge about menstrual hygiene.

Nigeria is one of the numerous countries that places a heavy tax on menstrual products. A pack of menstrual pads costs an average of ₦450 ($1.18 / £.85 / €.98) even as an estimated 44% of Nigeria’s population (87 Million people) lives in extreme poverty, earning less than ₦700 ($1.83 / £1.32 / €1.53) per day.

Menstrual products are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

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