#The Brief

About Flo Haven

Flo Haven is a nonprofit organisation that advocates for menstrual equity and the provision of menstrual health education to the underprivileged girls in Nigeria. Our vision is to eradicate period poverty and the stigma attached to periods in Nigeria.


Our Mission

To de-stigmatise menstruation by providing safe, sustainable menstrual products and menstrual health education to underprivileged girls and women in Nigeria. At Flo Haven, we believe there is enough love to go round and that every individual deserves education, equality and dignity.

Current Menstrual kit Goal


Menstrual Kits Distributed



How we hope to achieve our goals

With your kind and generous donations, commendable efforts of our volunteers and actionable plans all year round we believe we can fully eradicate period poverty through our continuance of providing sustainable, safe period products and by promoting menstrual health education and hygiene in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We hope to see a near future where safe period products and menstrual health education and hygiene are easily obtained, and menstruators are empowered. Support from all areas of the globe is highly appreciative and necessary to help achieve our goal.

Good Health & Well-Being

During our community outreaches, we love to talk about the positive effects a healthy diet can bring during menstruation. We discuss the food groups that help ease cramps, rid headaches, keep energy levels up, and of course, satisfy those monthly period cravings. As we love to teach our younger audiences, food is a big part of the period healing process.

Sustainable Distribution

We at Flo Haven aim to provide chemical and plastic-free menstrual products to the girls and women we distribute to. We believe in sustainability and want to encourage this practice with everyone. Within our menstrual kits, you will find biodegradable, organic pads, liners, and a menstrual cup. We want to see a sustainable future and improve the social and environmental well-being of the community.

Quality Education

Period poverty expands beyond affordability; it is also about the inaccessibility of menstrual health education. Where many places may provide sexual health classes within their schools or have a general openness towards periods, this reality is non-existent in Nigeria. Menstruation is still thought of as a taboo subject to discuss freely, and therefore, not a priority. We want to change this outlook.

Hope & Love

Flo Haven is a play on the word ‘love.’ We want to spread love in our adopted communities, providing business opportunities for women through production of period packs therefore helping them stay financially independent and making sure that we are encouraging positive conversations about menstrual health and hygiene.

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