Oko-Oba Outreach, Agege Community

In September 2020, we interviewed 11 girls in the Oko-Oba community in Agege to gain insight into their menstrual cycles. We discovered that all the girls faced common issues, such as the unaffordability of buying pads every month, which led them to opt for less viable options like rags, toilet paper, and foam.

Many of them additionally experienced shame and self-consciousness during their periods, causing them to avoid going to school. This interview served as a catalyst for the Flo Haven project, which aims to raise awareness about period poverty in Nigeria. 

In response to our findings, we conducted a second outreach on November 11, 2020, specifically targeting the 11 girls we had first interviewed alongside other girls in the community. The aim of this outreach was to destigmatize menstruation by providing sanitary products and menstrual health education to the girls. At the end of the outreach, all girls received a menstrual kit bag.